Bit Depth 188.5 - Wedding

Hello, and again, welcome to Bit Depth. I’m Santiago Ramones.

Sable and I are getting married on October 10th and I’ve let go of enough shame to be able to ask for assistance. Weddings are expensive and there are lots of costs that nobody sees coming. So there’s ways that you can help us out: is the best way of doing so immediately - you can buy us stuff from Target, where we’re registered.
Another way of doing so is the common ways you can support me anyways: and are ways that you can throw money that will count as supporting my music or the podcast, but the platforms take a percentage, if you’re down with that.
Lastly, you can simply Venmo me money directly, so you can find me @SantiagoRamones
Not hard, right? Anyways, any support helps, and if you’d rather just support by leaving a comment or review, that helps a ton, too, even if it’s not with money, but it lets me know that people have my back!
Thanks for being a listener and thanks for your support!

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