Bit Depth 151 - Sample Rate 7 - Unreleased Demos

Hello, and again, welcome to Bit Depth. I’m Santiago Ramones.

Since I am still bad at organizing things, instead of an interview this week, I decided to show you, loyal listener, some songs that have yet to be released by me. All of these were written as far back as 2017 and I had made demos for a class. Some have been updated or refreshed but they are still essentially demos - proofs of concept rather than full tracks.

00:18 - “We Are One” - This was my strange attempt at making a “world peace”, hippie style song. I think if I were to do a full production of this, I would need “We Are the World” levels of involvement. I tried using science as motivation for unity. This is a song that is not likely to be released on a full album any time soon because I don’t feel like it fits for me as an artist, nor do I think it fits with any album concepts I have percolating in my mind at the moment. I’m somewhat embarrassed of the song, I think, but it is what it is, so here you go.

04:16 - “Trauma (Live)” - Ok, so not exactly unreleased, since I’ve already played it on the podcast, but still has yet to get a proper release. This was played for an Electric Pizza concert and it features Breck McGough on backup vocals, J.R. Edwards on Cello, and Trevor Lindley on drums. I wrote this song from the point of view of a soldier with PTSD and how this person would cope with the things they had to do in the military. This will definitely make its way onto a future album.

07:52 - “The Vicious Cycle” - This one is from the point of view of a drug addict who has gotten to the point where he no longer wants to harm his family with his addiction, but he still has a long way to go to make up for his mistakes. For whatever reason, I felt the song’s character had an accent. I think it has more to go with the production, but I think the demo shows what the song is capable of, and it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve written.

12:16 - “Star Destroyer” - Sometimes, I give myself tasks or inspirations for future songs, like “Write a song with a mantra” or “Make a track with no sustain”. For this one, the inspiration was “Make a song like an anime opening”. There’s a story in this song, which is like an anime in itself, and it’s sci-fi inspired and pretty cheesy. It was a lot of fun to sing in this style. I know this will make it onto a future album.

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