Bit Depth 146 - Sample Rate 5 - Electric Pizza 2: Power Cycle, 10/08/2018

Hello, and again, welcome to Bit Depth. I’m Santiago Ramones.

Since I am still dealing with a cold and still don’t want to be coughing into your ears for an interview, here’s the second Electric Pizza Concert, which was a Halloween show. This is a concert that I played on October 8th of 2018 with Power Cycle, an electronic trio that includes myself (Santiago Ramones), Breck McGough, and Jonathan Edwards. We’re all graduate music composition majors and we’re led by Dr. L. Keith White. Since this is a live recording, you can hear applause, talking, mistakes, and all the other things that can be heard at a live concert. You can watch the concert on Facebook, which I would recommend, since there are a lot of visual elements that make up the show. The program is as follows:
00:16 - Electric Pizza Theme - Composed and performed by L. Keith White
08:20 - Prelude in Fear Minor - Adapted from Johann Sebastian Bach, improvised by Power Cycle
13:26 - Discomfort 2 - Composed and performed by Santiago Ramones
15:46 - Lullaby - Composed by Breck McGough, performed by Power Cycle
20:12 - Cocaine Nightmare - Composed and performed by Santiago Ramones
24:50 - Psychokinetoscope: Hommage a John Carpenter - Composed by Breck McGough (fixed media)
28:40 - A Ghost Story - Composed and performed by J.R. Edwards
32:31 - Nosferatu - Live scored/improvised by Power Cycle; short film edit by J.R. Edwards

A note about Electric Pizza Theme: This is an omnisensory piece of music that includes hearing (music), seeing (looking at the performer and pizza), feeling (holding pizza), smelling (smelling pizza), and tasting (eating pizza). While this piece is performed, pizza is delivered to the audience.
A note about Nosferatu: Jonathan cut down and made a version of the original Nosferatu film, which we live scored.

You can find everything Jon Edwards does on his Instagram:
You can find Breck’s music on his SoundCloud:

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