Bit Depth 100 - Santiago Ramones

Hello, and again, welcome to Bit Depth. Sable is hosting the show this episode because it's the 100th episode!

In this episode, I (Santiago) am the one being interviewed. For the sake of clarity, I wrote a great deal of the questions that I was asked in the interview part. But, when taking listener questions, I had all of you send in your questions! It was a lot of fun, and I'm so glad that the show could even make it this far. Thank you for listening to me go on and on about stuff, and I hope the interviews have been interesting. This episode is rather lengthy, but it's a special thing; not all shows are three hours long.
The song that plays at the end is "Koi", from Songs with Words Demo. You can download it and the rest of the demo on my Bandcamp.

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