Bit Depth 65 - Campbell Young

Hello, and again, welcome to Bit Depth. I'm Santiago Ramones.

Campbell Young is a musician and producer that I go to school with. He makes a broad range of stuff, but his sound is mostly influenced by synthpop and the 80's. He's in The Lunar Laugh, Don't Tell, Dena!, Topicana Ice Cream, and as himself, Campbell Young. Find all of his stuff on Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp, Soundcloud, or MySpace, which he still uses for some reason.

A note about audio quality: I greatly underestimated the amount of noise where we recorded the first six minutes, but we were able to get into a better room with some microphones. I tried my best to remove noise but only so much can be done, and it started to sound over-processed, so I left it at that. At least it's only the first six minutes. After that, it sounds real nice. I'm sorry!